Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java

First Trip 2019

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First trip out of the season is always special and our early April trip this year was no exception. The trip was led by the 3 elder brothers Stu, Matt and Pete. Stu was responsible for those nice pink team Hawaiian shirts. Matt we reckon averaged 8 hours a day in the water for 9 days straight and must have caught over a 500 waves (seriously). And Pete the self-professed weekend warrior who just wanted to get a few proper top turns in and was banging those out by the end of the trip. Backing them up were Stu’s boys Gav, the best surfer we’ve ever seen from Cairns and Cam “I’ll spear my leg with the nose of the board making a big hole, get Captain Manto to stitch me back up and get back in the water within a couple of days! And last but not least the dreadlocked tag along Aaron, who doesn’t do shit talk (don’t ask) and should always sit down in the zodiac. Cheers boys. Was a cracker trip to get 2019 underway.

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September/October 2018 Trip: A couple of Scots and the Vico Boys

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A pair of Scottish brothers (Niall and Liam) and their mates from South West Victoria Australia (Adam, Ben, Jarred and Kristen) lined up for this late season trip and Niall couldn’t stop talking about a Swellnet forecast that had a massive late season swell on the way….but that must have got lost in the Indian ocean somewhere because no triple overhead waves showed and we ended up with fun waves and heaps of fun times instead...

August/September Trip 2018: The Candy Crew

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The rule was 3 bags minimum, in each board bag: 3 bags of lollies that is which makes for 1 giant lolly bowl every day! That’s a tradition Just Dreaming might have to steal from these Aussie boys. This trip had it all, waves (and wind), the Google super yacht pulling up, injuries (a broken ankle and displaced rib), Father’s Day with cards from everyone’s family, a Rhino footprint at the fresh water spring and last but not least calling into to see Krakatoa on the way home, which is currently active and putting on a hell of a show. Just another epic trip with a great bunch of guys. Cheers to the Candy Crew.