Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java

2nd - 11th May 2017

Just DreamingComment

Just Dreaming sponsored the first prize for Ulladulla Boardriders for free trip for the most consistent surfer throughout the year and Petey the Pirate Miers winning, so we were lucky enough to also have aboard some Ulladulla father and sons with a few more Ulladulla scallywags tagging along. First surf saw the eager beavers jumping straight into bumpy Napalms while few opted for a slower start with nice 3-4 long easy lefts and of course not a soul around.

Before the trip Parso was silly enough to make a bet with me saying all he wants is a clean dry stand up barrel or his money back well that was the easiest bet I ever made with a wind change the bet was over after lunch on the first day.

With one of our favourites throwing down barrels for everyone all afternoon with winds swinging. We traveled and surfed a few of our secret spots with the everyone including the Don on the Betta truly getting introduced the Just Dreaming way of how surfing used to be, just hooting and hollering with only your friends around. Another swing in the wind and the boys wanted to go right so we jumped in the fast boat and rights is what they got with 3-5 ft Indies and 3 of them even sneaked down to Illusions which as always blew their minds. At night Geoff Hanson sponsored the the nightly prize giving ceremonies from best barrels to best fish. 

This was the first trip of the year when we got 2 days out at the Palm and believe me it didn't disappoint as always blowing everyone's minds even the most seasoned surfer Mr Parsons. As always on Just Dreaming surfing with no one else around, something the boys adjusted to pretty fast after fighting with crowds in the Ments for the last few years and enjoyed taking turns in old school fashion. Yep each day didn't disappoint loosing track of barrels and turns even wearing out the fittest young grooms Ido and Zane with the Don having a session with just him and captain Manto surfing 3-4 ft perfect lefts, his first surf after double knee replacement well done Don.

I'd like to thank pirate Pete, Geoff, Geoff Parso, Ido, the Don, Zane and Mr nice guy Wild Bill for one of the funniest trips and of course a shit load of waves.

Thanks so much for your support - the crew of Just Dreaming Surf Charters