Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java

24th May - 2nd June 2017

Just Dreaming2 Comments

Indonesia has been pumping over the last 2 weeks and of course our little slice of paradise was in on the action. Three nice swells in the space of 10 days poured into the island making it a really consistent trip with the boys clocking up plenty of time in the water, a few lads were averaging 6-8 hrs a day. We were straight into it on the very first day with the first swell for the trip peaking that morning, no time for easing your way into it and the legends from South Africa took it all in their stride jumping straight over board and racing for the line up. There was a couple of afternoons with not a drop of water out of place, the boys were lapping it up getting barrelled pretty much every wave then hooting one of their mates into the barrel on the next one. Late one afternoon we seen an unbelievable barrel get made at the point, as the wave wrapped around the point we all thought Kimbo was about to be obliviated as he was super deep, he pulled up into a 6’+ seriously long slabbing keg, the wave sucked him back and up over the foamball set his line and continued to get barrelled all the way down the point. The crew were gob smacked, we ended up partying that night, getting stuck into the duty free and having a hell time, pretty sure we wouldn’t of got as loose as we did if we had not of witnessed that wave. Was such a good vibe on the boat the entire time, with a good bunch of boys and pumping waves you can't possibly not have the time of ya life!