Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java

April Trip 2018: Buz is Back

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One of Just Dreaming’s favorite guests Buz was back for the first of his two trips in 2018. And as the boys will tell you Buz always brings the waves so even though it was still only April, it seemed to come as no surprise that we motored into the bay on Day 1 to be greeted by 6ft One Palm. Lee, Brent and Kadu were straight into it while the rest of us sat back and watched the show. Highlights included Kadu's big set wave, Brent launching his lid into anything that moved and Lee “barrel” Limond getting more barrels than we could count including one “Timmy Turner” wave all the way through the moguls and into the inside bay. After that shot of adrenaline, we pulled anchor and surfed Napalms for the midday session. Followed by a short trip over the other side of the bay to surf Illusions in the arvo. Not a bad Day 1 huh?! That set the scene for the rest of the trip with waves every day, both lefts and rights and barrels and smiles all round. Thanks to the crew for making this trip a special one: Buz, Lizzy (who shot the photos), Mark, Lee & son Sage (Sage was on his first boat trip, surfing Panaitan Island at the ripe old age of 12!) Brent and Kadu from Mentawai Surf Charters (check them out of you want a great Ments trip).

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April Trip 2018: Hush Hush

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So we don’t have much to report on this one as it was all a bit hush hush. All that we can say is that there were waves every day and beers every day and that the crew were stoked to have Bruce Raymond on-board (former CEO of Quiksilver) and also Anthony who was on the boat 22 years ago when Captain Manto was just a deckhand! Check out the old photo Anthony bought along with Manto on the outboard and the guests wearing some of the first Gath helmets.

Trip 2 photo 1.JPG
trip 2 photo 2.JPG
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March 2018: First Trip of the Year

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Who says Panaitan Island is all about two of the best waves in Indonesia being One Palm and Apocalypse? How about 8 days of chest to overhead waves over Easter, surfing a variety of fun rights and lefts? Well that’s what the boys on Trip 1 of 2018 got. Day 1 set the seen as we motored into the bay and a good nor-wester so captain Manto had us over to the far side of the bay and the rights. The boys were straight into fun Indicators from the get go and all the travel from Oz was soon washed away. Then the daily routine was set for the next 5 days: surf the rights at Indicators and Illusions, fish (a big GT and Spanish Mackerel being the highlights) rinse and repeat. It only changed on the arvo of day 5 when 2 of the boys disappeared fishing in the fast boat, only to come raving about surfing Rangers by themselves for hours. So, on day 6 we motored over to Ranger Station and anchored up in that beautiful bay for a day surfing Rangers left, finishing with beers on the wharf at sunset. Day 7 dawned with more good news as the sou-easter was finally up so it was back around into the bay to finish off the trip with 2 days of Napalms and Inside Lefts. By the time we packed up and headed home, we had surfed every day, with only 2 or 3 guys in the water at a time and Pete had scored more “champagne cream puff rides” (don’t ask) than ever with the odd double fist pump claim thrown in. Cheers to the boys of Trip 1 for an awesome start to 2018: Josh and Graeme (returning Just Dreaming guests), father and son duo Steve and Paul and the one and only Pete, the recognised fisherman of the trip who we are still waiting on to hook a fish…