Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java



Last few 2019 trips on sale: we’ve had a great year and to celebrate all remaining 2019 trips are now on special for only AUD$2199 per person.

2020 Calendar: is up! Full schedule below. And good news the price for 2020 trips is the same as 2019 at AUD$2699 per person.

Something New For 2020: we’ve put on a “7 Day Strike Mission” for the 17th to the 23rd of May. Some guys don’t have the time for the full mission so if you can only get a week off work, get on this special 7 day trip for AUD$1599 per person.

Remember: You get to Jakarta and we take care of the rest. Contact us now to book your trip of a lifetime and get the dates you want. 

2019 Fly In Fly Out Spaces Available
31st August 10th September FULLY BOOKED
12th September 22nd September FULLY BOOKED
24th September 4th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
23rd November 3rd December FULLY BOOKED
2020 Fly In Fly Out Spaces Available
23rd February 4th March 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
6th March 16th March 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
18th March 28th March FULLY BOOKED
30th March 9th April 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
11th April 21st April 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
23rd April 3rd May FULLY BOOKED
5th May 15th May FULLY BOOKED
17th May 23rd May 7 DAY STRIKE MISSION
30th May 9th June FULLY BOOKED
12th June 22nd June 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
25th July 5th July 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
8th July 18th July 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
21st July 31st July 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
3rd August 13th August 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
16th August 26th August 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
29th August 8th September 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
11th September 21st September 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
24th September 4th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
7th October 17th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
20th October 30th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE