Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java




We had a great year with Just Dreaming Surf Charters in 2018 and for 2019 are running the following "book early deals":

1. Book and pay for 6 guests (not the normal 8) and the boat is exclusively yours.

2. Book and pay for 7 or 8 guests and the boat is exclusively yours and get 10% off per person (a saving of $269 per person).

Price per person for 2019 is AUD$2699.

These deals are available for bookings made before 31 March 2018.  

And remember our standard carter for 2019 has been increased by 1 full day. So it's now 11 days/10 nights with 9 days of surfing!

Contact us now to book your trip of a lifetime and get the dates you want for 2019. 

Fly In Fly Out Spaces Available
12th March 22nd March 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
24th March 3rd April 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
5th April 15th April FULLY BOOKED
17th April 27th April FULLY BOOKED
29th April 9th May FULLY BOOKED
11th May 21st May RESERVED
23rd May 2nd June FULLY BOOKED
8th June 18th June 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
20th June 30th June 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
2nd July 12th July 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
14th July 24th July 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
26th July 5th August FULLY BOOKED
7th August 17th August 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
19th August 29th August 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
31st August 10th September 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
12th September 22nd September 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
24th September 4th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
6th October 16th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE
18th October 28th October 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE