Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java


The waves and boat are important on a surf charter but what makes a trip special is the crew on-board and we believe Just Dreaming has the best. Introducing our awesome 3 man crew:

Skipper Ismanto who sailed on Just Dreaming from Bali to West Java way back in 1991 as a mechanic and deck hand. He has now worked on the boat for over 28 years and been captain since 1995. A highly experienced captain, marine mechanic, lifeguard, fisherman and spear fishermen and we don’t think there is a charter captain out there that can match his knowledge and skill.

Cook Ito is perhaps the most valuable crew member in the eyes of the guests seeing as he is serving up the food, non-stop. Feeding charter after charter of starving surfers, Ito is definitely doing something right. His specialty? Is it his morning omelette or barbecued Spanish Mackerel? You choose!

Deck-hand and tender driver, Nomo rounds out the crew. Having been with Just Dreaming for over 5 years, Nomo is not just a deck hand but also a fisherman, life guard and a surfer so when the guy dropping you into the lineup in the zodiac tells you where to sit, you know he knows his stuff!