Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java


Sweet Dream


In addition Just Dreaming we also have the fast boat "Sweet Dream" which is:

  • 8.3 metres in length;
  • powered by 2 x 90 HP Suzuki 4 strokes;
  • has its own GPS, radio and safety gear;
  • one "sweet' fast boat!


The Sweet Dream fast boat is an optional extra for any trip but is highly recommended. With a fast boat more waves can be accessed quickly, giving you more surf time. Jump in and check a bunch of spots ahead of the main boat and get stuck in early or split the pack up with guys who want to surf different waves at the same time. There is also an improved safety factor with the fast boat available if needed.


If you take the fast boat we allow 500 litres of fuel and we also hire Dedy who drives the boat bringing 16 years experience in the Panaitan Island area. The fast boat costs an additional $700 per trip (divided among the amount of guys on the trip).