Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java




Four (4) weeks before departure we need to have received from you:

1. Copy of the main page of your passport (must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry to Indonesia).

2. Flight details for arrival and departure at Jakarta International Airport.

3. Our signed Waiver and Indemnity Agreement that we will email you.


1. We will try to make your trip as comfortable as possible on our boat but note you will be living in close quarters with the other passengers so please be patient with each other.

2. Although we have a comprehensive medical kit on board, should a passenger be hurt beyond our ability to take care of him/her then it may be necessary to call the balance of the trip OFF so that we can get him/her to a hospital. This is  why we require all guests to have full travel insurance, not just for injured but also for the others who may need to re-book flights. Note: we have not had to cancel a trip to date. 

3. Beer is not included in your package but is available on request if you notify the crew as to how much you require before departure, we will accommodate you at your expense.

4. Drinking water will be supplied. Water in the hold and that in the barrels on the deck is not to be taken internally and is only for washing yourself.

5. There is a bunk/bed below for each of you. You will be sleeping in close quarters so be mindful of each other and our taller guests will find the bunk beds 'cozy'. 

6. Sailing on a vessel in Indonesian waters and surfing or travelling to and from the vessel, including any stay whilst on land, has inherent risks and dangers to both the passenger’s health and the passenger’s goods, we therefore require you to take out full travel insurance for the duration of the charter which includes full medivac cover.

7. All deposits and other payments to Just Dreaming are NON REFUNDABLE and FULL PAYMENT for your trip must be made 60 DAYS prior to departure.

8. No guest will be permitted to board the sailing vessel Just Dreaming unless the Key Requirements listed above have been complied with.

9. On-board the sailing vessel Just Dreaming each guest must comply with any and all instructions issued by the crew and comply with all safety protocols in place.

10. Have fun, score barrels and enjoy the trip of life time in a remote Indonesian wilderness.